Freitag, 21. September 2012

Do you know solinotes?

Its from DM.

Its perfume

I find Musc and patchouli and Müre very nice ^^

I bought patchouli ^^ Im great patchouli fan ^^

So thats it ^^

have a nice weekend


Dienstag, 18. September 2012

I decide

Hi Sweathearts

I decided my 10mm tunnel remove. I was really love in this. I have so much trouble with it. So I m curious if it grow together and how long i must wait. If its 3 -4mm thats ok. Better normal size for pretty earings ^^

Today has arrived my oracel book

Its very interested. I love mystical things. I lie tarotcards and much more. Im little witch sometimes think. But its ok ^^ Its my life.

So than i was in DM and bought me 2 things.

I draw white crosses of my nails

I listen in the last time so much of Evanescence. Its a great music. Im so silent and i can think about so much things in my life. And its balsam for my soul ^^

When I was in dm today I was thinking to dye my hair black again. But my mother had stopped me. Especially now that I've finally done it yet to be blond. And if i dye my hair to black than it could be grey. I dont  want grey hair XD Im looking in the next time. I need a great change, again -.- everything is boring to me. I hate it but its usual for me and my lifestyle. 

Thats it ^^

bye and good night ;)

Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

Dark Makeup

Today i wear a dark eye make up. A little bit inspired by amy lee from evanescence :D

Have a nice rainy day

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Preview Project Zero 2 Wii Edition

Hello Guys,

today i want show you a ghost game :)

Its Project Zero 2 Wii edition

I find the control with nunchuk and wii controler its not easy. I played a version of project zero 1 on PS2 Its was easier. But its ok for wii ;) my anxiety has decreased in this game. Now i want it ^^
I've become addicted. Maybe we rent it next weekend again ^^

there is nothing for weak nerves ;)

Bye bye

Montag, 10. September 2012

My Hello Kitty Clock ^^

My Hello Kitty Clock is arrived :)
Its a LED Clock <3
I love it so mûch 

I bought last weekend a new Manga. I read a little review in the free magazine manga preview and i was curious. I read it in the next days. I ask me how much bands gets?

My moving to Bochum will be waiting. I hate it. waiting -.- But its better just i think. More things we can do in this time.

Soooooon ^^

I wish you a good night.

I really enjoy it to write english ^^ I hope its ok to understand ;)

Bye bye


Good night

Freitag, 7. September 2012

New Tattoo idea

I love this girl from evanescence.

Amy Lee

And i found this beautiful pictures of tattoo arts.

Anime Style, very sweet

this is my favorite. i want it too

this is great too

this is good too

Now im thing on. I want a picture of this beautiful woman. She is so great ^^ I have a Evanescence band logo on my feet. Someday I want to have such a beautiful tattoo.

Now i go sleep ^^

good night ^^


Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

First Post in english ^^

Hello Sweathearts, today i want show you my hauls from 2 days ago.

And i write it, i tried now in english ^^ Im so sorry now for it XD but i must learn ;)

I had traveled with my mum in the city from wuppertal. I wanted to buy some esoteric stuff.
I bought this things here :)

I bought incense sticks scents in the opium and dragon blood. And incense ( Patchouli) for smoking  in a special censer where a tea light comes down to the incense smoke to. In this little cans are Myrre from resin.

I find the smell from patchouli like cannabis XD and the Myrre smells like stinky feeds XD I have yet to get used to it.

Then i bought Nailpolish

And this cutie top from new yorker in sale for 2,95€ I love this colour.

Thats it ^^

I hope you understand my bad english XD but i promised that i learn and im better than now XD

Have a nice day :)

Bye bye

wah mein erstes mal etwas versenden ^^

Oh gott, da ich ja etwas bei Ebay verkaufen wollte und irgendwie sich bis gestern nichts getan hatte, tut sich dafür jetzt eine menge ^^ Da hat jemand sein erstes Gebot abgegeben oh mein Gott ich bin sooo nervöööös XD