Dienstag, 18. September 2012

I decide

Hi Sweathearts

I decided my 10mm tunnel remove. I was really love in this. I have so much trouble with it. So I m curious if it grow together and how long i must wait. If its 3 -4mm thats ok. Better normal size for pretty earings ^^

Today has arrived my oracel book

Its very interested. I love mystical things. I lie tarotcards and much more. Im little witch sometimes think. But its ok ^^ Its my life.

So than i was in DM and bought me 2 things.

I draw white crosses of my nails

I listen in the last time so much of Evanescence. Its a great music. Im so silent and i can think about so much things in my life. And its balsam for my soul ^^

When I was in dm today I was thinking to dye my hair black again. But my mother had stopped me. Especially now that I've finally done it yet to be blond. And if i dye my hair to black than it could be grey. I dont  want grey hair XD Im looking in the next time. I need a great change, again -.- everything is boring to me. I hate it but its usual for me and my lifestyle. 

Thats it ^^

bye and good night ;)

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