Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

First Post in english ^^

Hello Sweathearts, today i want show you my hauls from 2 days ago.

And i write it, i tried now in english ^^ Im so sorry now for it XD but i must learn ;)

I had traveled with my mum in the city from wuppertal. I wanted to buy some esoteric stuff.
I bought this things here :)

I bought incense sticks scents in the opium and dragon blood. And incense ( Patchouli) for smoking  in a special censer where a tea light comes down to the incense smoke to. In this little cans are Myrre from resin.

I find the smell from patchouli like cannabis XD and the Myrre smells like stinky feeds XD I have yet to get used to it.

Then i bought Nailpolish

And this cutie top from new yorker in sale for 2,95€ I love this colour.

Thats it ^^

I hope you understand my bad english XD but i promised that i learn and im better than now XD

Have a nice day :)

Bye bye

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