Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Furby is back XD / Fluffy/ Real Shopping/ wisdom teeth/ Ootd

Hello Gals,

Today I got my wisdom teeth out. This morning I had so much of fear. My stomach got around. It was so horrible.  The syringe was the worst of all. Im so glad about this happening. I had 3 years so many fear. But Its nothing so bad. I heard so many badly things. But for my person I think Its not so horrible. 

So than look here Furby is back

It costs ca. 80 €

Our little Fluffy will show us ^^

Fluffy is soo cute, Im so in love <3

Real Shopping <3

I want this Hello Kitty

Or this. She is so big <3

Filly Unicorn. Cutieee!!!!

Ootd and MotD

I love the Shirt <3
I love this Cook Dog XD

Have a nice Evening ^^

Bye bye Gals

Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

OotD / Essence 148 Prom berry Nailpolish


How are you? I'm fine. I want to show you my Outfit of today. I tried a ponytail again and yeah my hair got it   right.

Here is my Outfit of the Day

My Eye make up

Feather earrings

 Essence 148 Prom berry Nailpolish

148 Prom berry

Lila metallic in normal light.

In the sunlight its a better result as in a normal light room.

Bye bye 

Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Little shopping in Essen / OFTD

Hello people,

How are you today? I hope fine. I'm very nervous because the weather is sooo nice today. If I see a little bit of the sun than I'm so much happy ^^

So lets go to my weekend ^^

I was with my honey in Essen. We walk through the city. And visited so many shops. But nothing that I search or I liked. I was a little bit depressed cause the weather was so grey.

But I have a little bit hope in Primark and I found two T-Shirts

That was my Haul for the weekend.

Haha I got a Bubble Tea and it was sooo good ^^ It was a Passion Fruit with Milk and Tapioca. I love it ^^

My Outfit of the Day

My Eye makeup

Thats it 

Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

Venus Angelic

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I saw in TV the living doll Venus Angelic. I was a little bit shocked as I know she was 16 years old. Her Skin is perfect and I really love her cutie voice ^^ I looked over her Youtubevideos  and I find this really cute tutorial.

How to look like a Kitty 

I want this contact lenses and the make up is very good. I'll try it in the next time. Than I show you the result ^^ I have many respect for this girl. She had many basic knowledge that I had not in her age.

Bye bye my dears

Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Fluffy / Nailcolor Blue

Hello my sweethearts,

today I tried a new nail color.

metallic blue <3
I love it

It is not known brand

Our Fluffy <3

Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Rock my Nails

Hello sweethearts,

today a made my nails. Its not particularly. Two colors I need. Green and silver.

03 silver surfer
18 check me out
Now the result

Bye bye my dears ^^

Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Its a Fluffy / looking like selphie tilmitt

Hello sweeties,

We have a hamster ^^ A  Djungarian hamster. Its a Fluffy ^^ We don´t know if its male or female, so it ^^ Its 6 -8 weeks older hamster ^^. Its black and a little bit white. I want to show you a picture but its slept ^^ Maybe its walking in the cage but than its away under the hay. I treid to make a foto for you ^^

And today I try a new hairstyle ^^
Its very fluffy. What did you say? This is reminds me of Selphie Tilmit from Final Fantasy 8

She has brown hair but the has green eyes to like me ^^

Maybe I should think abour a new Cosplay XD

Bye bye my dears ^^

Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Hamster < 3

Hello my dears,

maybe today we get a new pet ^^ A cutie Hamster <3
I hope so much that we find today a little Hamster ^^

Yesterday we bought a new home for the Hamster ^^

My dream of cats are broken, my doctor said this. I was a little bit sad.

And we wanted so much a Hamster. I bought for long time ago a House for him ^^

And now the time has come ^^

The new home ^^

Thats it ^^

Its nerdtime XD

So than I draw a new pictures on my grafic tablett  

Its Amy Lee from Evanescence 

I wish you a nice day ^^