Samstag, 8. Februar 2014

Outfit /Make up / Liz Lisa dress

Hello my lovely reader.

today I write my blog in english. I have already write my Blog in english but then I broke up. But now I want it. I must learn. So sorry for my bad english but I try my best :)

I don`t wrote for a long time because my work is so exhausting. I work in two layers. And Im always tired in the last time. I dont know why.

Tomorrow I will do a review of ageha and a Catrice product.

So I bought in the last 2 time two dresses. Both from Liz Lisa.

One of my Liz Lisa dresses

I haven`t a worn picture with my another Liz Lisa Dress. Im so sorry.

One month ago I met a good friend of me and we met us in Essen HBF and then we go through the city. I found nothing. Im a little bit sad. The fashion in Germany are not so good like Japan. I was looking for Liz Lisa  look like dresses but no T_T

This was my Outfit with my first try to wear a thermo leggings and tights and it feel soo warm. I thought thats so cold for me but no. I love it ^^ Here I wear my Liz Lisa skirt. And my brown wig. My own hair grow not so fast. I hate it. I want long hair again. I don`t dye my hair. And I have a great approach. But it looks not so bad as I thought.

I wear my new Circle Lenses 

Finally we go to Toys r us and I found a cute Monster High bag. Its so cute, right?

Then I found a Princess Party Candy XD

It was a cake of marshmallows.

I think this is my Birthday cake for this year :)

Here can you see my new coat. Its from Madonna.

We goes very often to Sakura. Its a running Sushi Buffet. Its so delicious.

 If you want good sushi then go to sakura !!!!

Some Outfits of the last weeks

This was my Outfit today

I like this pose so much <3

Here can you see my make up better.

I wish all a nice weekend.

Black Tear

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