Montag, 24. Februar 2014

New Ageha, Hello Kitty, Düsseldorf, New Wig/ new Manga

Hello my lovely readers,

Finally Internet again!!!!!

How are you? Im fine.But my Internet is very exhausting. I want blog and my Internet is broken :(
I hate it.
But now I have Internet so I want blog ^^

I order a Wig in blond by ebay and I love it. The wig is very long and curly in the ends.
Here can you see me in my Liz Lisa dress.

I look so different ^^ but I love it

What do you think?

 My new shoes <3 Finally I found shoes for my feets ^^ without hurts

This candy is from Indonesia. It tasted like Lion in germany

Here are my Manga, Blu ray and DvD Haul 

All manga of Gravitation. I love the Anime, so I would read the Manga


 Loveless <3

I want beginning with black Butler <3

These cute Kakao Card was from a contest by Broken Dark Angel

I never win.
But now I win and I love this card of her.

 Now I take a photo of my Liz Lisa dress. You can see a worn pic in the upper of these post.

Two weeks ago we went to eat Ice

And we see Lego figures in the Lounge of our Cinema

Batman <3

Last weekend I tried my new wig in the public. I don´t wear circle lences because I had some problems with it. So i decide I go without it and I find its good. Not so dramatic but its ok ^^

I cut my bangs

 We go about the japanmeile in Düsseldorf. I wasn´t so long there. I was really happy that I go there.
I bought me some Hello Kitty things.

We found new feigling with bubble gum flavor ^^

Mochi  with peanut <3

Finally I bought me the complete box of Twilight 

New Ageha

Bubble Tea <3


So thats it. 

See you soon 

1 Kommentar:

  1. Hey mausi <3
    Die Wig ist toll <3
    Die Gravi Mangas hab ich auch. Okay einer fehlt noch XD
    Aber den bekommt man ja kaum noch >.<
    Die von Gals hab ich auch alle und die sind echt super <3
    Black Butler sammel ich auch und das Anime/Manga ist echt super <3
    Richtig empfehlenswert <3
    Aww die kawaii *_*
    Es freut mich,dass dir meine Karten gefallen haben <3
    Lass es dir gut gehen <3

    xoxo Angel <3