Dienstag, 11. März 2014

Kakao Karten/ black wig, shoes, thriller, dress, VW Mug

Hello :)

I m so happy because I get the VW mug. I want it so long and now I have it.
I love VW Bus so much. Its my favorite Car

Yesterday I draw a little bit. I try to draw with my watercolor pens.

Here is my Arielle 

Here can you see Little Okami, Arielle and Cindarella.

My favarite is Arielle.
Im so proud.

My new book

A C&A dress. Its so great

New sandale

Oh yeah I love it. Sailor Moon on Viva. My childhood is coming again ^^

I bought 3 scarfs. I love scarfs

this is a apartment here in Bochum

I looks so crazy

And finally I want show you my black wig. Its very cool
But the quality is not so good.
I love black hair <3

this was it ^^

Have a nice day <3

bye bye


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