Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Furby is back XD / Fluffy/ Real Shopping/ wisdom teeth/ Ootd

Hello Gals,

Today I got my wisdom teeth out. This morning I had so much of fear. My stomach got around. It was so horrible.  The syringe was the worst of all. Im so glad about this happening. I had 3 years so many fear. But Its nothing so bad. I heard so many badly things. But for my person I think Its not so horrible. 

So than look here Furby is back

It costs ca. 80 €

Our little Fluffy will show us ^^

Fluffy is soo cute, Im so in love <3

Real Shopping <3

I want this Hello Kitty

Or this. She is so big <3

Filly Unicorn. Cutieee!!!!

Ootd and MotD

I love the Shirt <3
I love this Cook Dog XD

Have a nice Evening ^^

Bye bye Gals

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