Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Its a Fluffy / looking like selphie tilmitt

Hello sweeties,

We have a hamster ^^ A  Djungarian hamster. Its a Fluffy ^^ We don´t know if its male or female, so it ^^ Its 6 -8 weeks older hamster ^^. Its black and a little bit white. I want to show you a picture but its slept ^^ Maybe its walking in the cage but than its away under the hay. I treid to make a foto for you ^^

And today I try a new hairstyle ^^
Its very fluffy. What did you say? This is reminds me of Selphie Tilmit from Final Fantasy 8

She has brown hair but the has green eyes to like me ^^

Maybe I should think abour a new Cosplay XD

Bye bye my dears ^^


  1. ui *_*
    Dann viel spaß mit dem hamster <3
    Der macht wohl abends gut krach XD
    Deine haare sehen echt toll aus <3


  2. Hast die Frisur echt gut umgesetzt =)