Montag, 4. Februar 2013

Life is a puzzle / Big Eyes / Hobbit plush, Haul

So the next blog I write about my Haul and presents.

I was 2 Days by my mother in Mettmann because the surgeon  got me a date for the next day.

My mother bought me this great little tree ^^

Its a Elefantenfuß                                                        May I introduce Mr Nipple ^^

I love all my plants ^^

But I love cats now ^^ My neighbors had a little cat. But they wasn't home and the cat was outside so I decide that I take it in my home. She was very curios and walking around.

I take some photos ^^

I love this little black cat. I wish I can hold her. But I have a allergy. Thats not fair. My boyfriend and me look in the Internet that I got for all a cat. And truly I got a cat. Its a allergy cat. A species for allergy people. So now I must look for a doctor and a growers. I wish so much that I can get a cat.

On Friday we eat  by PIZZAHUT in Ruhrpark

OMG I am without make up XD

 I have a cheese lovers pizza. This was a very good pizza I every eat. I love cheese

On Saturday we went to the parrots park in Bochum. I love parrots. I love birds XD and cats ^^ and dogs ^^

Here some photos

they was so curios ^^

this was my favorite ^^

So than I want to show you my contact lenses ^^

Its 16mm ^^ I love this lenses

I was in Ruhrpark and I found this cutie Hobbit plush figures.

All are so cute. I want one of this ^^

So the best at last ^^

The Haul

A princess puzzle. We had finished in 3 Days

3 baskets
one for my brushes XD

my new puzzle

Ikigami number 3 ^^

 Wow it was a long post ^^
So that was it.

have a nice day ^^

Bye bye

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