Montag, 14. Januar 2013

I love snow ^^

Hello my sweethearts,

I was the last weekend by my mum in Mettmann. We had a great time together. We went to Essen on Saturday. The travel with the city train s1 was so long. I will only travel with a regional express ^^ Its faster ^^ So we went to primark and I found this sweaters. Its really warm and cost only 5 Euro.

The font is pink not orange XD
Later we went to Limbecker Place and I found my next carneval costume.

Super Mario and Luigi <3


And a found a mushroom costume from Super Mario XD Always are great costumes XD

At last we went to New Yorker and I bought me a sale t-shirt. Only 2,95 Euro

A present from my mother <3


 Today I went to Ruhrpark and Bochum City but I found only in Ruhrpark in DM a few things that I need ^^

some facemasks

lip care

liquid eyeliner in black and kajal eyeliner in lila

I tried to swatch.
Its very dark lila

Today I take a little wellness evening XD

I got from Ebay a Crepes batter spreade

batter spreader

my third experiment to make a Crepes and It was good <3

My eyes make up. Im looking very angry ^^
I forgot my mirror and It was to cold for me

But It was snowing ^^ And I love it ^^

bye bye my sweethearts ^^

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