Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

to be sick/ lashes/ Weight loss Slippers

Hello readers,

Im sick... and my operated foot hurts. Yesterday I went to radiography and he said thats always be ok. After then I went to my family doctor and he said thats not ok. My screw in the bone looks outside and that hurts. Now I have a date with my old surgeon and he must look what`s to do. But I think my screw take it out.

Than I got herpes and it was over . But on the next day I got more from this. I have 3 years nothing and now so much. I hate it... I took all 5 hours a pill. I must get up in the nights. Its very hard. I took my scarf around my mouth lest nobody saw this. I hope so much thats ending soon...

Today I bought one pair lashes ^^

Yesterday I bought on Ebay this Weight Loss Dieting Legs Slippers 

I saw this slippers on Yumentenbo. And yesterday I look in the blog of Lhouraii Li and she has them.

I had a little bit fear because my last order isnt arrived from china. 

So I tried again ^^

So my dears

bye bye <3

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  1. Die lashes sehen super aus :D
    Hab dich getaggt

    Mina <3