Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Christmas is near/ 3 Days 3 Outfits

Hey Girls,

today i want show you the Outfits and make up of the last 3 Days ^^

Day 1 Outfit

I wear my blue contact lenses

I love this boots.
The boots are so warm.

Day 2 Outfit

Casual outfit ^^

Day3 Outfit

I tried a sweety outfit today ^^

And finally my Haul ^^

My little haul ^^
New Yorker Shirt i love it so much ^^

silky gloss hair mask

repair + care conditioners

A granit mortar

In a few days is Christmas ^^ I am so happy ^^ My boyfriend and me cooking a lot of things ^^ I will take  some photos. Unfortunately we doesen´t have a Christmas tree. Im a little bit sad, but its ok for me. Next year we buy a tree ^^ But the windows are decorated. So I want watch many films ^^ I want watch Nightmare Before Christmas ^^ and Charlie and the chocolate factory and maybe Beauty and the Beast. 

So than i wish a good Weekend ^^

Bye bye

Black Tear

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