Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

My first simple Gyaru Make up tutorial

Hello sweethearts,

today i want show you my vision of Gyaru makeup. I'm learning. So not be so nasty with me.

The result 

I hope you like it ^^

ok lets begin ^^

mouse makeup


i need only concealer under my eyes and around the mouth

with bronze i make contours on cheeks and nose 

Unfortunately, you can see it barely

i need always eyeshadow base ^^

my little white to black eye shadow palette 

i made the inner of my eyelid a lighter tone. The outside always darker and blend it.

apricot rough

My volume mascara 

with rough and mascara

my eyebrow pencil in dark brown

I move to my eyebrows
with close eyes

with open eyes

Liquid eyeliner

White kajal pencil

i make it under my waterline at the outside

again liquid eyeliner

draw a line under white kajal pencil until the middle  

My upper lashes

my lower lashes

i use Fing'rs in this Tutorial 

all about cupcake is my favorite lipstick

and finally i use glossy lipgloss


And in the end

Black Mirrors 2 and manga Doubt 4 
Strawberry skewers and coated with chocolate

Facial toner from Balea

Outfit of the Day

Turtleneck sweater: Offbrand
Jeans: Primark
Shoe: Deichmann

Bye Bye


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