Montag, 4. März 2013

JSG/ DIY/ Ribbon/ early gift/ the new Tomb Raider

Hello my dears,

today I show you my first Gyaru Brand clothes ^^ Im so proud about this and its so cute. I love the cat ears <3 Its a JSG nekomimi jacket.

I bought in Gyaru Sales. She gaves me a little present.

My Melody purse <3
Thank you <3 I love it


Today arrived my lose fake lashes  from China ^^
I bought it about Ebay

Now I am waiting on my bracelet from Ebay.

I don't like it. I have a little bit fear that nothing arrived here.

I have many interests on handicrafts. Do it yourself ;) I have a lot of fun to tinker. I will make a little bracelet. I bought today a lot of things. Look here.

white pearls

blank ring

lederband, glue, mini pearls, wire

 Here can you see the self made ribbons ^^

I bought a lot of material. I make my own ribbons

Oh my God ^^ My boyfriend gave me my Birthday present today although I have birthday on 14.03. Im so lucky

Look here what it ^^

The new Tomb Raider.

I love this Game. I want it so much and now its mine.
Thank so much my honey <3

So now I will play 

Bye bye


  1. OMG *_*
    Ist die Jacke süß *___*
    Die steht dir richtig <3
    Und die schleifen...kawaii *_* <3

    xoxo love u <3

  2. Awww sag mir auf jeden Fall wie das Game ist xD
    Ich wills mir vllt auch holen, aber iwie kA dieses Hüter des Lichts Ding fand ich so doof und ich hoffe dass ist spieletechnisch nicht so xD